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Training Services Offered

Raj Aphale offers training in various areas and has consistently received fantastic feedback. For many participants, Raj is the only choice for many programs.

Raj conducts special sessions post training to ensure the participants fully grasp the concepts and are able to implement in their work.

Each program is usually 2 days duration. One size cannot fit all, each business is unique and hence these programs will be customised to suit your specific requirements.

The following is a short list of training areas.-

Strategy Management - Developing Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Defining Vision, Mission and Goals, Strategy Implementation, Balanced Score Cards, Business Analytics

Business and Financial Acumen - Understanding Business Acumen, Financial Acumen, and Developing them

Leadership Training - uniquely designed program, including frameworks from all over the world.

Operational Excellence, World Class Manufacturing, Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing - Workshops to understand concepts and immediately implement them in form of projects - productivity and quality both can be increased dramatically without heavy investment. Applicable to manufacturing, project and service related companies.

Organisation Development - Manage your culture, align your organisation towards business strategy and vision

Human Resources - HR Analytics, Competency Management, Compensation and Benefit Management, Recruitment and Interviewing Skills, 

Behavioural Training - Communication Skills, Team Building Skills

Training Services: Welcome
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